There’s so much to love about winter weddings! Snowy days make for the best photos, stunning, long-sleeved dresses, dark color palettes—the list goes on. All weddings take careful planning, but with unpredictable Minnesota weather, there are some extra things to consider. Here are a few tips for planning a winter wedding: 

Dress warm for outdoor photos 

One of the best parts about a winter wedding is those gorgeous outdoor photos on a snowy landscape. To avoid frozen toes, the bride and bridesmaids should wear boots during photos. Color-coordinated coats or shawls so the ladies look great while also keeping them warm throughout the photoshoot. 

Coat & boot check 

To avoid wet floors and guests complaining about chilly toes, let them know ahead of time that they can check their boots along with their coats. No one wants to hit the dance floor when they can’t feel their feet! 

Keep Chapstick and moisturizer on-hand 

It’s winter—chapped lips and dry hands are just going to happen. To prevent looking dry and cracked in your photos, keep Chapstick and moisturizer with you throughout the day. Designate someone in your party to hold onto your essentials kit so it’s not another thing you need to keep track of.  

Extra travel time 

When creating your wedding day itinerary, include extra time for travel. If it’s a snowy day, you’ll need to drive slower, and you never know when an accident could happen and cause stopped traffic. You want everyone to get to the venue safely, so extra time will make sure no one feels rushed and can drive slowly.  

Have one venue 

Rather than having your ceremony and reception at different locations, it’s a good idea to have them at the same venue. That way, you and guests don’t have to change shoes several times, and no one has to worry about getting to the reception if the weather is bad. To keep guests happy and entertained while you’re taking photos, provide complementary snacks and drinks, along with some fun table games.  

Embrace the season 

There’s so much fun to be had with a winter wedding, so embrace the cold season! Velvet dresses and suit jackets, crimson colors, glittery details, and winter-themed décor are great ways to incorporate the wedding aesthetic into your day. 


Stillwater Event Center can host both your wedding ceremony and reception! When guests need a break outside, we have patio heaters to keep them warm. With the beautiful river and Stillwater Bridge nearby, we’re the perfect location for a winter wedding.